19 inch ADS-B Ground Station ADSB-GS1090


ADSB-GS1090 is a complete ADS-B ground station system, with standard 19″ 2U inserts for existing or new racks. ADSB-GS1090 is the ideal solution for ADS-B receiver sites that require 19" plug-n-play rack inserts. With its robust industrial design, advanced ADS-B decoder, and powerful ADS-B data processor, ADSB-GS1090 stands as the optimal solution for receiving, decoding, and distributing aircraft ADS-B data efficiently and reliably.


With our ADSB-GS1090, corporate customers can benefit from valuable tracking information tailored to their specific needs:
•     Airfield/Apron/Terminal area situational awareness.
•     Airport surface movement surveillance and vehicle tracking (with our Vehicle ADS-B Transmitter ADSBVT).
•     Low flying operations, including helicopter, flying school flight tracking, offshore and onshore wind farms, oil and gas platforms (with our Portable ADS-B Transmitter ADSBPGA).
•     UAV/drone tracking (with our Portable ADS-B Transmitter ADSBPGA).
•     Airport vicinity noise monitoring.
•     Calibration of radar and navaid equipment.
•     Rescue operations in mountainous areas and valley surveillance.
•     Defense and Electronic Intelligence.
•     Combined vessel/helicopter operations.


Complied with Mode-S and ADS-B standards, including ICAO Annex 10, Doc 9871, RTCA DO-260/A/B, ED-102/A/B, ED-129/A/B, ADSB-GS1090 guarantees adherence to industry regulations and compatibility with established requirements. ADSB-GS1090 features low maintenance requirements and minimal life cycle costs, ensuring cost-effective operation throughout its lifespan.


Working on the 1090MHz frequency and supporting Mode S Extended Squitter (1090 ES), ADSB-GS1090 also support multilateration (MLAT) capabilities, facilitating precise aircraft tracking and surveillance. Furthermore, it enables fully remote operation, allowing for convenient access and control even in remote areas, thereby enhancing operational flexibility and efficiency. 


19” ADS-B Ground Station ADSB-GS1090

19 inch ADS-B Ground Station  ADSB-GS1090



ADSB-GS1090 package includes:

①、ADSB-GS1090 unit *1
②、Power adapter *1
③、GPS antenna cable 10 meters *1 (please specify if you need a longer cable)
④、GPS antenna with clamp *1
⑤、ADS-B antenna cable 10 meters *1 (please specify if you need a longer cable)
⑥、ADS-B antenna clamp *1
⑦、ADS-B antenna *1

19 inch ADS-B Ground Station ADSB-GS1090



Data Formats
1. ADSB-GS1090 can output ADS-B messages via network cables in different data format. Including CSV plaintext (decoded data, you can easily get longitude, latitude, altitude, speed, flight ID…), Asterix Cat021, json (also decoded data), DF17/18 raw messages and AVR. 
2. ADSB-GS1090 can also receive and output Mode-S messages and Mode A/C messages.
3. ADSB-GS1090 can output data with GPS timestamp.

Functions for your convenience

1. ADSB-GS1090 can be connected via network cables.
2. ADSB-GS1090 supports static IP address and DHCP.
3. ADSB-GS1090 IP address can be configured for direct connection with a computer without the need for routers. However, ADSB-GS1090 can also be configured to connect with a computer via routers, offering flexibility based on your setup preferences.
4. A single ADSB-GS1090 unit can transmit ADS-B data to multiple clients simultaneously, enabling efficient data distribution across multiple devices or systems. 
5. ADSB-GS1090 is standard 19″ 2U inserts for existing or new racks.
6. Work with ADS-B display software adsbscope.






better than -93dbm


>350 km

Power Supply


Physical Size

43*30*8.9 cm (not include antenna connectors and handle)

Antenna Connector




1. ADS-B antenna, GPS antenna and network surge protectors.
2. Seawater resistant ADS-B antenna for off-shore use.
3. Dual unit for high reliability.
4. ATC display software, ADS-B data analysis software, ADS-B and radar coverage evaluation software.
5. OEM/Customization. All our products can be supplied fully customized with your brand and logo. We can even do customized form factors, enclosures, functions and data formats on your requirement. This OEM/Customization service enables you to have your own unique product in minimal time with no risk.
6. IQ data output and storage. We can output and storage IQ data for your analysis.
7. Combining ADS-B, ACARS, and AIS reception capabilities into a single device, so-called 3A Receiver, offers comprehensive surveillance for aviation and maritime applications. With our expertise and technology, we can seamlessly integrate these functionalities into a unified system, providing enhanced situational awareness and data collection capabilities.


Special use cases

Special use cases often require specific features or accessories that not every standard ADS-B ground station on market can accommodate. Besides standard ADS-B ground station use cases, our ADS-B ground station solution can be customized with optional accessories to meet below unique applications effectively.

1. Off-shore use, with optional seawater resistant ADS-B Antenna.
2. On ship, with optional seawater resistant ADS-B Antenna.
3. Areas that have a lot of thunders, with optional ADS-B antenna, GPS antenna and network surge protectors.



· Omnidirectional

· Frequency: 1060-1120MHz

· Bandwidth: 60MHz

· Gain: 6 dBi

· VSWR: <1.5

· Impedance: 50 ohms

· Polarization: Vertical

· Length: 60 cm

· Weight (Without mast clamp): 360 g

· Weight (With mast clamp): 510 g

· Connector: N Female

· Operating Temperature: -40 to +85 degrees

· Rated Wind Velocity: 60 m/s


19 inch ADS-B Ground Station ADSB-GS1090 User Manual

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