AIS ADS-B and ACARS 3 in 1 receiver SBS-3

SBS-3 works as ACARS receiver

SBS-3 is an ACARS/AIS/ADS-B 3 in 1 receiver. It integrates an ACARS receiver module, an AIS receiver module and an ADS-B receiver module into one box. We’ll introduce its ACARS receiver function here. 

The SBS-3, described as being a little bigger than a card, suggests a compact and portable device, likely catering to the needs of enthusiasts or professionals in ACARS tracking who require ACARS receiver functionality without the burden of installing heavy or cumbersome equipment.

ACARS Receiver SBS-3

SBS-3 is delivered with 1x SBS-3 receiver unit, 1x ADS-B antenna, 1x VHF antenna for ACARS and AIS, 1x USB cable and 1x disc of ADS-B display software BaseStation.

ACARS Receiver SBS-3

It’s quite easy to connect all these, just see the connectors on the back panel of SBS-3, every connector is clearly marked.

ACARS Receiver SBS-3

Simple start is to connect SBS-3 with computer via the USB cable and install the BaseStation software on computer. No need for any further configuration, you’ll see aircrafts ADS-B information immediately. Computer would power SBS-3 via the USB cable.

ACARS Receiver SBS-3

You may be aware that ACARS frequencies are different from country to country. It’s not like ADS-B. ADS-B has a global frequency 1090MHz, and U.S.A. general aviation special UAT frequency 978MHz. Let’s take ACARS frequency 131.45MHz as an example for showing how to configure SBS-3 to work as an ACARS receiver. In BaseStation software, enter Software Defined Radio Control Panel.

ACARS Receiver SBS-3

SBS-3 has two tuner, tuner A and turner B. Frequency range from 27MHz to 980MHz. There’re six SDR. Four of them are useable and the other two are reserved for future use.

For example, you need to receive four frequencies, 131.5MHz, 139.5MHz, 901.0MHz and 909.0MHz.

First, 131.5MHz and 139.5MHz are 8MHz different and hence can use the same tuner. Configure tuner A as 135.5MHz, SDR 1 as 131.5MHz and SDR 2 as 139.5. Same configuration for 901.0MHz and 909.0MHz.

One tuner can support 8MHz most. So, you can’t use the same tuner if you need to receive 131.5MHz and 139.8MHz.

Come back to our example of setting just one frequency 131.45MHz, we just need to set one tuner and one SDR. Make sure we choose AM and we choose the right tuner with SDR, it would work.

In BaseStation build-in SDR, open ACARS window, wait a while, data would show up.

ACARS Receiver SBS-3

I believe many people are sorry that this good product SBS-3 is EOL. We hope our ACARS, AIS and ADS-B receiver modules could be an applicable replacement of this once famous SBS-3.

AIS ADS-B and ACARS 3 in 1 receiver SBS-3 User Manual

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