ADS-B Receiver Module TT-SC1 for UAV and Drones


TT-SC1 is a high quality and low price OEM ADS-B receiver series operating at 1090MHz. It is based on the proven FPGA-In-The-Loop™ technology, which is a unique combination of a single-core processor and FPGA. The patented solution allows high-speed RF data processing with significantly reduced number of electronic components.
Simultaneous miniaturization of the module and its OEM nature open a wide range of possible applications.
The basic version of module offers the possibility of receiving and decoding ADS-B. Fast UART interface and easy configuration with AT-commands allows for the simple integration of the module with the user’s system. In addition, extra interfaces open the way to customize the firmware and extend the module with non-standard functions. There are several communication interfaces, protocols and special functionalities available on request.

OEM SC Datasheet



 ● SAA / DAA (Sense and Avoid / Detect and Avoid)
 ● UAS ground stations and high-density traffic surveillance
 ● UTM / U-Space construction (traffic surveillance network)
 ● Traffic-flow analysis and statistics
 ● Monitoring of 1090MHz band (signal integrity check)
 ● ADS-B/In/Out devices that meet the NextGen/SESAR philosophy


Main features

 ● Smallest ADS-B implementation on a surface of <2cm2
 ● Receiving of ADS-B with RF signal strength/quality analysis
 ● Up to 100 tracked aircrafts simultaneously
 ● Multiple supported protocols, i.a. CSV, MAVLink
 ● High-resolution ADC with real-time signal processing; best-in-class aircraft tracking
 ● High sensitive front-end, jamming and ESD protection (only version b) with ranges over 150 km (open space, 1dBi antenna)
 ● Simple module integration via UART interface and AT commands
 ● Scalable OEM solution with enormous customization potential (additional functions or interfaces on request)
 ● Firmware update capability (uC and FPGA)
 ● Designed to meet MOPS defined in TSO-C199


Technical parameters

Basic technical information

 ADS-B Receiver Module TT-SC1 for UAV and Drones

Table 1: General technical parameters.


Electrical specification

Absolute maximum ratings

ADS-B Receiver Module TT-SC1 for UAV and Drones

Table 2: Absolute maximum ratings.


Recommended operation conditions

ADS-B Receiver Module TT-SC1 for UAV and Drones

Table 3: Recommended operation conditions.

General electrical parameters

ADS-B Receiver Module TT-SC1 for UAV and Drones

Table 4: General electrical parameters.



ADS-B Receiver Module TT-SC1 for UAV and Drones User Manual

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