ADS-B Ground Receiver Radarcape

Radarcape ADS-B MLAT Receiver


Radarcape is a professional ADS-B receiver made for 24/7 operation. High performance reception in a wide temperature range, suitable for all applications in wide area, surface or apron monitoring. Radarcape comes with optional features for special applications (see table below) and is proven in thousands of client environments worldwide.

ADS-B Ground Receiver Radarcape

Radarcape offers high quality RF performance and a large reception range with high accuracy, a state of the art Linux based firmware and low power consumption. The precision GPS based time stamp is available, and the device can also operate as a Stratum-1 time server. The 50ns deviation timestamp is perfect for Multilateration calculations performed in Jetvision MLAT networks.

Designed as all built-in ADS-B receiver, there is no need for external software. Radarcapecan operate as stand-alone device with multi user web browser access. All users have their own settings, filters etc., regardless of access by desktop, tablet or smartphone. Many 
status and performance pages support and supervise installation and operation.

For individual applications Radarcape can provide live tracking data to its data interfaces (see decoded formats in the aircraft data output table below). Separately available options provide Eurocontrol ASTERIX protocol with CAT021, CAT023 and CAT247 based on 

Radarcape is the basic ADS-B and MLAT receiver for jetvison commercial solutions e.g. Out- and Indoor or Mobile Sensor Stations.

As a powerful ADS-B receiver Radarcape will support all your requirements for live flight tracking. Stand-alone or in a complex network with MLAT server support, under challenging RF conditions available with optional features like real antenna diversity, high 
dynamic range at apron or close to the runway.



Web Browser User Interface

 ●  Different map styles including ATC and OpenLayers
 ●  Table view with all aircraft data and fl ight details
 ●  Settings, protocols, etc.
 ●  Range & performance diagrams
 ●  Aircraft filtering
 ●  Status pages

ADS-B Ground Receiver Radarcape

With its versatile fi lter functions each client can setup and filter various conditions including:
 ●  Center screen to home location
 ●  Keep selected aircraft in the center of the map
 ●  Filter on altitude, speed, distance...
 ●  Filter on flight, aircraft type, fleet watch
 ●  Select data source e.g. ADS-B, MLAT, FLARM, OGN
 ●  Setup track length, refresh interval


Radarcape Technical Data


Radarcape Hardware 
Trimble Resolution SMT GPS module
GPS localisation and timestamps with a resolution
better than 50 ns 1σ (15 m)
Linux Core
AM335x 1 GHz ARM Cortex-A8
512 MB DDR2 RAM, 4 GB eMMC
USB host port, USB device port
-93 dBm signal level for 50 % decoding rate or better
FPGA based decoding
USB expansion port
SDR sticks, measurement devices, data storage systems,WiFi stick
Temperature range
Tried and tested in a wide temperature range
Low power consumption, typical 3 W (external power supply)
Open design for customer extensions
Hardware options
• Antenna diversity (2 seperate RF units)
• High Dynamic Range (HDR)
• Video out (ADS-B analog signal)
• External clock input (10 MHz)
Aircraft Data Output 
Raw Mode-S data
• Non-decoded raw data available for formats DF-0,DF-4, DF5, DF-11, DF-17, DF-18, DF-20 and DF-21
• AVR hexdump or Beast-Binary formats
• 12 MHz counter legacy timestamp or GPS based ab-solute timestamps
Decoded data formats
• Port 30003 CSV style format
• JSON format
• Eurocontrol ASTERIX CAT 021, 023, 247, licensed seperately
• HTML web GUI
• KML format
Decoded information
• Aircraft data: ICAO hex code
• Flight parameters: location, altitude, speed, track,vertical rate
• Flight ID, Squawk
• BDS registers (partly)
• Signal level ... and many more
• TCP connection
• UDP streaming
• USB VCP serial interface
• USB RNDIS network


Jetvision MLAT server supports the same data interfaces structures as Radarcape, integrating results from multiple sensors.


Radarcape Software Features
Firmware - Integrated Webserver
High performance FPGA based decoding (Mode-S, ADS-B and Mode-A/C data on 1090 MHz) 
Operating system
Linux Debian 10 operating system 
User interface
Web browser access with web interface (built-in webserver, compatible with all common browsers,responsive design)
Map styles
Real time flight tracking in 2D map view (ATC or OpenLayers Maps style)
Table style
Real time height table update
MLAT via jetvision network
Multiple built-in feeder options(Flightradar24, FlightAware, Opensky Network, PlanePlotter,ADS-B Exchange)
External FLARM® receiver connectable by LAN or Micro-USB
Open Glider Network (OGN)
Aircrafts tracked by OGN network can be displayed 
Network interfaces
Multiple network interfaces (TCP, UDP, USB-VCP, USB-RNDIS) 
Data formats
Multiple pre-decoded and raw data output formats (JSON, ASTERIX, CSV, KML, Port 30003, raw data)
Time server
Stratum 1 NTP server


 Powerful Software Options

ADS-B Ground Receiver Radarcape



Radarcape Basics


Radarcape Basic Data
5V external power supply, 5.5/2.1 mm DC connector
92 x 80 x 45 mm (L x W x H)
CE and FCC certified
ROHS conform


Radarcape Delivery Includes
Hardware options must be ordered separately
Power supply (5 V)
4 types of wall plugs:EU/ US/ Australia/ UK shipped according to destination country
Network cable
5m, CAT-5
GPS antenna
Cable length 5 m, extension 5 m and 10 m available
Commercial Options
Asterix CAT 021, Ed. 0.23/0.26/2.4, CAT 023, CAT 025, CAT 247 MLAT configuration fully flexible



ADS-B Ground Receiver Radarcape User Manual

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