Difference between Mode-S messages and ADS-B messages

1090MHz ADS-B messages are a subset of Mode-S messages, specifically falling under Mode-S downlink transmissions. Mode-S messages encompass all transmissions from Mode-S transponders, among which 1090MHz ADS-B messages are included. It's essential to note that UAT ADS-B operates independently and is unrelated to Mode-S. Detailed specifications for Mode-S messages can be found in ICAO Annex 10 Volume IV and ICAO Doc 9871. These messages are categorized into various Downlink Formats (DF), such as DF0, DF4, DF5, DF11, DF16, DF17, DF18, DF19, DF20, DF21, and DF24, with DF17, DF18, and DF19 specifically designated for ADS-B. For a deeper understanding of ADS-B messages, consulting documents like RTCA DO-260 series and EUROCAE ED-102 series is recommended. It's worth highlighting that ADS-B receivers have the capability to capture both Mode-S and Mode A/C messages, showcasing their versatility in surveillance applications.

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